About Me

A visual and UI/UX designer, and web developer pursuing master's degree in Digital Media with concentration in Interactive Design at Northeastern University. In College of Professional Studies, Agus has become a Teaching Assistant of Programming Foundation course for 2 terms. He helped the professor and taught programming using Processing (JAVA based language) for three terms. Agus possesses a Master's degree in Leadership minor in Project Management. He gained understanding about project management, risks management, project evaluation, strategic management, and teamwork.

His skills are including but not limited to scripting in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and JQuery; developing website using WordPress; design processes including, identifying problem, developing persona, wireframing (using tools such as Axure, Balsamiq), prototyping (using Axure, Invision). He actively broadens his knowledge and connections. Some web related technologies that he is currently learning are Meteor JS, and Mongo DB.


UI/UX Design


Research, Ideas, and Persona

Researching problems that exist in our society and affect certain people. Identifying and constructing persona based on research data


Wireframing and Prototyping

Building wireframe and then prototype the app based on it. To create a wireframe, paper-based one at first usually would be the most efficient way. Later, to build wireframe and prototype, tools such as Balsamiq, Photoshop, Axure and Invisionapp would be helpful.


Usability Test

The usability of the prototype app needs to be tested. There are several methods such as survey, face-to-face with users.

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Part 1-1: The old/current design

Part 1-2: The wireframe of the future design

Part 1-3: The proposed design

Part 2-1: Persona, the profile

Part 2-2: Key facts, eating habits

Part 2-3: Key facts, cell phone habits

Part 3-1: Information Diagram, the profile

Part 3-2: Initial Prototype

Part 3-3: Refined Prototype

Web Design & Development App

Finished Assignment #1: Color Pick Website

Finished Assignment #2: Card Matching Game

Thesis Project (in progress): The Online Tutorial Platform

Web Development


HTML, CSS, Javascript & Bootstrap

Contain my projects that employ basic Front-End technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.



Using WordPress technology is one way to build your websites with less coding. It has some advantages like many plug-in supports and flexibility in customizing your web pages as well as huge communities.

Recent Technologies

Broadening my knowledge through doing self-study, and enrolling in online courses.